Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am in the Northeast! "La la a slaves life is not for me la la" I have so much to learn! I already know that New York is the most populated city in the U.S. And that in Washington dc is where lot's of landmarks. For example the white house, the Washington monument, ectcetera... I think this is going to be the funnest yet hardest region out of them at all. I have been there twice. It was awesome! The first time I went there I went to New York. The really big city as I call it. The second time was when I went to washington dc. History history history... I felt like such a tourist. In my hawaiin shirt and whereing my camera on my neck. That is my experience with the northeast.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

southwest and NOT the airlines.

I want to learn about southwests cool grand canyon and Texas. YEE HAW! I already know that the grand canyon was made from water and that it is the biggest canyon ever. What's the state mascot of Texas, Oklahoma, New mexico, and Arizona? I hope I figure them out in the rest of the school year. Tik Tok... I've never been to the southwest unless you mean the airlines in that case i'm a pro.

I'm free.

Oh ya oh ya it's my birthday oh ya! I'm free! Now I'm living at a nice white mans house. They're super nice. It's awesome, only I don't know how my stomach's going. The whip is still way in there but it doesn't hurt as much. I'm in comfort only I don't know if they're going to sell me or not like that other guy. They're probably not going to sell me. Even my friend Joey is here.

Slavery stinks. :}

This stinks I have this whip injected in my stomach. If I try to pull it out blood is everywhere. MY MASTER IS SO MEAN! There's blood on my computer now. eww. I feel so weird with this whip IN me. I wish I was one of those house slaves. They're so lucky. Bleeding, bleeding it hurts so bad.owwwwww This hurts so much. And I thought I hated whips now there’s one injected in my stomach. I can’t work now my master’s gonna whip me really hard... wait the whip’s in my stomach. Well now he won’t use that but he’ll probably get something worse and blame me that the reason his whip is broken is because of my stomach or something.


WHAT?!? This idiot got me out of the slave camp BUT he brought me to a sale and sold me. Luckily i’m still with my spouse. But now bloods pouring out of me like crazy. Now my laptop is bloody.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Southeast journal

Hi one thing I want to know about the southeast is where do most of the animals live in a part of the southeast I mean? I already know that they produce cotton, vegis, oranges and peanuts! HA! I'm looking at the journal prompts thing too and 3 of the options are the same so don't blame me if this is short. I've been to 2 places in the southeast north carolina, and Florida.they were awesome exept for the reason I went to florida. (personal, don't ask) I love the southwest.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I like the west 2!

I chose to go to Alcatraz, L.A, Pacific Ocean, Yellowstone park. I would recommend to go to Alcatraz because it kept Al Capone there for the rest of his life telling people of Chicago that AL Capone is behind bars in an island of the coast of California. Whew. I would also recommend going to L.A because it has celebrities like Cee lo green, Katy Perry, and WILL.I.AM.  I would also like to go to Seatle space needle because it is a landmark.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The wild West

The West, cool, awesome, cooler than every other state collection thing. It is that and much more. So I want to learn how Alcatraz got it's name. I already know only like 2 things, that John Sutter found gold and started the gold rush that went on for years,and that California has lots of celebrities. I still have 1 question,why is Alcatraz named Alcatraz. I think it was named after someone who was good at catching crooks or was a crook. I,ve been to wild Wyoming and the trilling Montana. At Montana I went to Custer's last stand and just around the border of the state. At Wyoming I rode a bull at the rodeo and saw my aunt and uncle and their new house. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the wild, wild West.