Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Slavery stinks. :}

This stinks I have this whip injected in my stomach. If I try to pull it out blood is everywhere. MY MASTER IS SO MEAN! There's blood on my computer now. eww. I feel so weird with this whip IN me. I wish I was one of those house slaves. They're so lucky. Bleeding, bleeding it hurts so bad.owwwwww This hurts so much. And I thought I hated whips now there’s one injected in my stomach. I can’t work now my master’s gonna whip me really hard... wait the whip’s in my stomach. Well now he won’t use that but he’ll probably get something worse and blame me that the reason his whip is broken is because of my stomach or something.


WHAT?!? This idiot got me out of the slave camp BUT he brought me to a sale and sold me. Luckily i’m still with my spouse. But now bloods pouring out of me like crazy. Now my laptop is bloody.

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